Where and when is The Emerging Sound?

July 28- August 1st (Monday - Friday)

Lakeview Camp and Retreat Center
5128 FM 66
Waxahachie, TX 75167


Lakeview Camp and Retreat Center is approximately 30 minutes south of Dallas.

Who should attend The Emerging Sound?

Creatives ages 13-19 interested in songwriting, leading worship and developing their skills.

"Every singer should learn to write and every Writer should learn to sing!" Jennie Lee Riddle

What about those over the age of 19 who are interested in attending?

A limited number of interns are selected and may attend at a reduced rate.

E-Mail Jade at for more information.


How much does it cost to attend The Emerging Sound?

$625.00 all-inclusive

A payment plan is available with a $199 deposit to reserve your spot.

Email to inquire about group rates.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

The $199 payment to The Emerging Sound is non-refundable. It secures the student's spot at camp. Please note: should The Emerging Sound intensive need to be canceled due to weather or unforeseen national emergencies or disaster, refunds will not be issued.

Is there songwriting training offered for adults?

Any worship leader, youth leader or Tteacher who brings a group of 5 students or more to The Emerging Sound can opt to attend the large group and workshop sessions and can join an adult songwriting group for further training.

Are meals included?

Yes. All meals are included. Please let us know of food allergies for attending student and/or adult by including it on the registration health form.

Can parents chaperone?

No. While parents may not attend The Emerging Sound, we encourage attendance for orientation, opening night of worship and the following meet-and-greet with the team.

There are nearby hotel options in Waxahachie Texas.

Is transportation provided to Lakeview Center?

No. Each student must secure own transportation.

Are students welcome to bring their own instrument?

Absolutely! We encourage them to do so! Do be careful, though. Any student who brings an instrument, brings them at their own risk of damage, loss, or theft.

Are any private lessons offered at The Emerging Sound?

Yes. Take advantage of one of our professional level coaches at The Emerging Sound by adding a Private Lesson to your registration. It will be an option you can add for $50 when you check out of Paypal.

Where and with whom will students stay?

Students will be staying in cabins (each hold 20 students at max capacity) with a minimum of 2 counselors per cabin. Cabins will be divided by gender and grade level. There will be 1-2 counselors assigned to each 10 person small group for the week.

Who will my student spend time with?

Each student will be placed in a writing circle, which will consist of 4-10 students (depending on proficiency) and 1-2 team leaders that rotates daily. We want every student to have the opportunity to work with different members of the team and other students. To form productive writing teams, skill level, instrumentation, and gender (expect mixed) will be considered. The writing circle team leader is a trained and carefully selected Emerging Sound team member. Our team has a true heart to develop and teach those called to use music in service to Christ.


When will the schedule be released?

By the 1st week in July, the schedule should be mostly finalized. We are not offering a typical "conference-in-a-box" experience. We are intentionally designing all instruction around the needs of students actually attending. To that end, it is critical that all auditions / performances / writing samples accurately reflect the true skill-level of the attending student.

Will background checks be performed on all members of The Emerging Sound team?

Each of our on-site team members go through a selection criteria, and are required to submit to a background check.

What should students bring?

Bible, pen, paper, bath towel, toiletries, twin bed fitted sheet, blanket and pillow, bug spray, flashlight, instrument, snacks (peanut free), modest bathing suit (1 piece only), great attitude, creative spirit, and joyful heart.

What is prohibited?

We prohibit the same behaviors that most schools, churches, and parents prohibit. As way of reminder and clarification, a common-sense short list would be: weapons, tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, porn, immodest attire, profanity or foul language, lewd behavior, disrespectful attitudes, unkindness, bullying, sexual innuendo or advances.

Any prescription medication must be noted on the health form and will be noted by the counselors.

We reserve the right to expel student without warning and require immediate exit at our discretion.

Is Financial Aid available?

There are several skill-based full and partial scholarships available.

E-Mail for details.

All students with financial difficulty are encouraged to raise support.

What are the benefits of attending The Emerging Sound?

College and GMA scouts will be present!
Looks GREAT on a college resume.
Intensive, target, and challenging learning.
Professional level instruction.
Scholarships and awards granted.

How much music experience do I need to attend?

All levels of experience are welcome to attend. Students will be grouped by skill-level into writing circles. Workshop sessions will be offered from beginning to advanced levels.

Which Airport should I fly into?

Dallas Love Field or DFW.

Is The Emerging Sound associated with a particular church or denomination?

No. We will be training towards ministry to the whole body of Christ at large using music and life-long service to Christ.

Can Youth Pastors or Worship Leaders Attend?

Yes! Teachers, pastors and worship leaders who bring 5 students or more may register at $350 all-inclusive. For groups that bring 10 students or more, a second adult may attend for $150.00 extra. All attending adults get to enjoy the experience of The Emerging Sound chapels, teachings, breakout sessions and adult writing groups (see above). Attending adult leaders will be staying in the hotel and will not be permitted in the camp dorms or student writing/small groups. Adult worship leaders and youth pastors will need to show proof of a proper background check.

Please contact for more information or to sign up your group!


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